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When it comes to run a successful business venture, you need to do a lot of administrative tasks. These tasks are to be done on the daily basis and quite imperative. It is essential for all the business owners to have someone to help them with these daily tasks. There are various tasks including managing the payrolls, ensuring that businesses licenses haven’t expired, handling HR tasks, taking care of employees reimbursements, renewing software license, and many others. These tasks are difficult for a business owner to handle as their hands are already full of other important business tasks.

Lax Virtual Assistants is a team of adept VAs that are well versed with all kinds of administration related chores. Most of our clients are small business owners that don’t feel the need to hire on regular basis. We make all the tasks easily manageable for the business owners. Since these are highly time consuming for the person of interest, we put forth our services to help them in getting things sorted. Also, we charge you much less than a regularly working employee that is basically on pay-basis. We have sorted our services in different packages and make hiring virtual admin assistant affordable for you.

How Can We Help You?

We cover all the administrative tasks that you may need for your business. Also, you can avail our services as per your needs and get your package customized. For that, you are only an email away.

  • We provide basic customer support, handle your phone calls and the emails
  • We set up your calendar and schedule your meetings. We also keep giving you timely reminders of the daily schedule
  • We manage payable and receivable accounts of your business
  • We can handle all the basic queries related to your business. We respond to all your emails
  • We can handle basic duties such as bookings for your commute, etc.
  • We can set up meetings on your behalf
  • We can also handle all the virtual project management duties. We can delegate tasks to your team and handle seamless working of your business
  • We also handle the timely pays of the employees

Our Work Process

While we handle all the administration related tasks, you can get done with more significant chores. We just need some information from you related your business and later we can get started in handling your tasks.

Lax Virtual Assistants have years of experience in handling tasks as virtual assistants. We not only help you with the professional tasks but we can also be of personal support to you as well. We also keep a check on your life’s significant days and dates and remind you for the same. Other than that, we can also help you in buying gifts for your loved one, make party arrangements, plan a business trip, make bookings of tickets and hotels, etc.

You can select the package from the pre-baked deals set at our page. If not, just send us and email and we will customize your plan. See you soon!

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