Email Marketing

Emails have become a prime source of communication for the marketers to talk to the customers. It reciprocates more beneficially when email is sent to a right person at right time. This technique is very crucial for all the email marketers to have.

If you closely consider this subject, you will understand that there is a lot of work to be done when you have to deliver clickable emails. For the start-ups, the troubles are much intense than the people with some experience.

Lax Virtual Assistants stage their email marketing services in front of you at a very affordable price. The whole forte of using emails as a marketing tool is to increase your reach and get more sales. The subject and content in the email is what makes all the difference. Well, we are here to carefully apply all the result-bringing techniques in email marketing.

While many marketers will find email marketing an ordinary chore, we like to add more of our brains in making it profitable. Email marketing requires an intense sense of timing when it is to be sent, a very accurate piece of content of graphics that can persuade the reader to click, and getting rid of the clichés. When you come to us, we give you all that you need in email marketing.

What do we do?

  • We Create
  • We Automate
  • We put your data to work
  • We find you more people
  • We deliver results

What we can do for you -SEO:

As much as you find email marketing convenient to do, creating, automating and sorting people in different groups is a time-consuming task. But Lax VA has got everything covered for you. Big brand directories provide you with the list of customers sorted in different groups as per their tastes and interests. We do the entire searching task for you and after creating a generous and resulting email, we automate and let internet do its job.

We don’t have the time to experiment new things with your business because there is an equal possibility of the new techniques to backfire. We always apply safe and expert techniques while offering you our services.

As we have repeatedly claimed that we are not stringent with our work processes, we give full liberty to our clients to provide us with the email content. The content has to be personalised and no one other than you can know what you need to say to your customers. We help in simplifying the ways you drive customer’s engagement and take you to the pinnacle of the business market. That is how we give the power in the hands of our clients to enjoy the success ride with us.

Understanding the performance of the market is also essential we also demonstrate results with metrics and keep you updated on the performance of your account. We monitor data regarding delivery rates, bounces, link clicks, opens, unsubscribe, spam reports, etc. We also make constant efforts in making the emails more actionable by improvising our techniques periodically.

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