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About us

Lax Virtual Assistants talented group of virtual assistant have years of experience as personal and executive assistant in different industries. Aside from being quick learners and being able to adapt to any situation to get the job done the first time, they also acquired the flexible lifestyle of a virtual assistant. All Lax Virtual Assistants staff members live in the country and understand how their fellow countrymen do business – this means that they work in the same time zone like you, so you can seek for their help anytime you need them with no waiting hours. When you work with Lax Virtual Assistants, you’re assured that you’re dealing with the people who have the right qualifications, right attitude, and experience.

Lax Virtual Assistants can provide you with comprehensive services for back office operations as well as administrative support in different areas of your business including data entry, transcription, web research, SEO, SMM, real estate tasks, live chat support, blog management and more. Our services revolve around these things, so you are assured that you can receive the necessary help that you need.

How We Work?

Here at Lax Virtual Assistants, we understand the difficulty of finding the right professionals you can trust as your assistant in building and growing your business. Since we are motivated to succeed, we have assembled a team of hard working and trustworthy virtual assistants who can help you in the entire aspects of your administrative department.

As virtual assistant, we work remotely and never set foot in your office, unless requested. Our skilled VA’s can do almost everything that you need, ensuring that you provide them the information they need to work on your project. All virtual assistant work during hours that suit their lifestyle – from 9 AM to 5PM or at night when they are done with their household endeavors. Because they can work on the time they are comfortable with, they are more engaged and happier workers.

What Happens When You Call Us?

When you contact us at the first time by email or by phone, you will be asked a series of questions about you, your business, the nature of your project, and your goals. In addition, you will be asked on the approximate time you want the task to be completed, so we can work on a timely fashion. All information you provide to us is necessary to ensure that we have a better understanding about the things that you want and how you want them to get done. Based on the answers you provide, you will be provided with a virtual assistant that matches your preferences and most of all, your needs.