Kijiji Ads Posting

For individuals or businesses, getting their ads posted in classifieds is the biggest kind of exposure. Kijiji is a Canada based classified ad platform that came online in 2005 and it is one of the biggest platforms in the world today. While you are busy with other things with your business, we can handle the ad posting at Kijiji.

Lax Virtual Assistants believe that there shouldn’t be any setback in your daily tasks for posting the ads repeatedly while following a strategy. The ads must be posted on right time for them to reciprocate you in a profitable manner. We shortlist the categories from the 100 of communities, fill up your ad section with the right ads.

Fresh ads are equal to more leads. We post and then repost the ads on a set schedule. We ensure that your ads stay as fresh and current as they possible can be and your phone keep bringing you better leads until the task is done.

We are a manual form of software where we do all the tasks manually. Our task is to keep your ads more discrete and popping up. While you work with us, you will get to know how instant and hardworking our team is. We believe in paying off in multiples to our customers when it comes to the hard work. That is why we are so famous!

So here is why you should hire us for Kijiji ad posting-

  • We are unique and come up with exclusive ads
  • We keep a track on the posts and keep them fresh and ongoing
  • We schedule the ads and then reschedule them
  • We lead you off the burden of handling any kind of ads posting related tasks


Hire us and avail our packages at unbelievably affordable prices!

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