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Content is the heart and soul of every website. It is the sole medium through which the websites can communicate with the customers. Professional content writing is essential for any business to thrive. Quality content also brings back the readers. At Lax Virtual Assistant, we deliver the invincible content writing services. Our brand not only helps you in gaining an upper hand with the readable and engaging content but also follows all the latest search engine regimes to keep you at the top most position.

Content writing is one of our core services that we excels in. The skills and expertise of our professionals is backed up with years of experience. Our writers can judiciously tailor your website with pleasant and result generating content. They possess the skills to provide you content in US and UK English as per your requirement of our clients. Since we have successfully delivered content to a versatile range of industries, we have complete faith that we can tackle any technical or non-technical niches.

We have successful touched different sorts of content writing including the verticals such as-

  • Website Copywriting Services
  • Web Content Development Services
  • Corporate Profiles and Brochures
  • Web Sales Letters and E-mailers
  • Marketing Collaterals and Product Catalogues
  • SEO Content Writing Services
  • Social Media Marketing Content
  • SEO Copywriting Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Newsletter Writing Services
  • Press Release Writing Services
  • Article Writing Services
  • Product Description Writing Services
  • Product Review Writing Services

What we can do for you -SEO:

That’s How We Differentiate Us From Others

We can proudly say that we are different from other industries offering likewise services. Let us spill the beans and spread awareness on how we are poles-apart.

  • We dig and find out all the new techniques that can aid your business. Our writers are basically excelled in various verticals of writing, keeping their knowledge modernized. We like to derive the content that can create an impression. Only the receptive content can draw attention to one’s website and isn’t that the only purpose of posting content online?
  • We practice what we preach i.e. whenever we come across new strategies we post them online. These strategies are not only for the visitors to read and practice but we instantly put them in use and draw results. Unless we don’t find them useful, we don’t promote them.
  • As far as research is concerned, it is our USP because we don’t just settle on the content that we find online but try to dig as much as we can in the niche. We gather the facts and cross check them from multiple sources before we post them online.
  • Our strategies are very straightforward. We discuss our plan with the clients and keep our work processing transparent. Also, we deliver test content so that our clients can get an idea on the standard of work delivery offered by our writers.

Since we don’t bind our clients in any contract, you can anytime come to us and avail our services. But we bet that once you have availed our services, you will never turn towards any other website ever.

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