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Real Estate Agent Assistant and Office Assistant: The Disparity

Real Estate Agent Assistant and Office Assistant: The Disparity

In an office, we usually hire number of people to perform different tasks. Even though they are not performing well, we need some time to hire someone else on same designation. In all these years, this is how every industry is performing their regular flow of work. This creates an office when employees are sitting and performing their assigned duties. But now, trends have begun to emerge. These days, as technology is blooming and every individual own his/her computer system and internet connection, people have started working from home. I also work from home. Gen Y is very choosy and particular about how they want to work and what suits their comfort. Maybe that is the only cause for initiation of this trend in world.

Business of Real Estate is nothing new or something that you are not familiar with. For every individual that owns this business surely needs a lot of help in order to better access and bloom his business. Despite of hiring a full time assistant who will come to office every morning, isn’t it better to hire a Real Estate Agent Assistant?

Now you might be thinking that what Real Estate Virtual Assistant is? Let me introduce you with the term.

  • Real Estate Agent AssistantHe is the one that works from home
  • He is the one that does not consume your office equipments
  • He is the one that schedule your meeting and respond your clients on your behalf
  • He is the one to adept after all the administrative tasks
  • He is the one to look after promotions of your company
  • He is the one to bring more business to your company
  • He is the one to increase creditability of your company
  • He is the one who bring solutions to every possible problem that you come across

I think I have explained you the definition of Real Estate Assistant quite in a detail.

In a firm, to perform administrative tasks and to do marketing tasks, you need multiple professionals. At the same time, you need to pay huge amounts to them for work done. This is not only expensive but also quite taxing. You have to manage them or hire someone else to manage the staff. Clearly, maintaining office staff requires equipments and other members. There then, this is an additional cost that you have to bear in order to maintain staff at a conventional office.

There are some disparities in Virtual Assistant and hiring office assistant. You can check them out below:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants handles Multiple Tasks whereas Office Assistants don’t:

Now you cannot deny the fact that a company needs multi-tasking employees than someone who can handle one type of task. This will increase the need to hire more employees and it will automatically affect the budget of the company. Someone who is best in handling administrative department will only handle administrative department. This is a case with office assistant. Real Estate Agent Assistant at same time can handle numerous tasks.

  • Bring marketing solutions and take care of promotions of company
  • Handles all the operational tasks of the company
  • Manages Database and other records
  • Schedules meetings and respond to clients with appropriate response

These are few of the tasks that every VA performs.

Cost Effective

Undeniably, someone who is working from home or his personal office will not use your company’s equipments, consumes electricity, use stationary, etc. In case of hiring an office assistant, you have to bear these additional costs. Moreover, whether you are satisfied with work or not, by the time you don’t replace employee, you have to pay them salary every month. In case of Virtual Real Estate Assistant, you don’t have to bear any overhead cost and you don’t have to pay them monthly salary. A specific rate is fixed for the whole lot of work and you can pay them according to work done. This is more convenient and easy when money is concerned.

Increase in Income of Company

When a team works on same project, everyone comes up with new ideas to generate more business and more income to the company. If you have employed an office assistant, he will be handling work all alone and no exchange of thought will be practiced. Real Estate Agent Assistant works in a team and hence, more ideas are exchanged that potentially increase income of the brand.

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