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Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A brief on Real Estate Virtual Assistantreal-estate-virtual-assistant

Virtual Assistants are changing the face of professional world. There are undefined tasks that are smoothly carried forward by VA in many niches of business. Same way, in Real estate, you need a Virtual Assistant who can take care of all the prior tasks that you cannot do by your own. Person that is hired in such a course is known as Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Being the owner of business, you need staff to work for you as all the tasks cannot be managed by one. Here is where Real estate virtual assistant comes in. He not only takes off the entire burden from your shoulders but also assist you in making wiser decisions about your business.

Why Hire Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Indeed, there are countess tasks that you can delegate to your Real estate virtual assistant. Best part of hiring a real estate virtual assistant is that you don’t have to explain them the work. They are trained specialists and they know how to do their job. All you have to do is to assign them work and sit back to concentrate on other piece of tasks that have to be followed-up by you. It is the best source for you to focus on your work fully.

I have jotted down a list of tasks that a Real Estate Virtual Assistant do for you. This will help you analyze the requirement of real estate virtual assistant for your business.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant ServicesReal Estate Virtual Assistant Services are:

  1. Manage Property Listings
  2. Build your WordPress Blog & Submit to different blog directories.
  3. Classifieds Ads postings (Craigslist, BackPage, Kijiji etc.,)
  4. Organize and update contact management program
  5. Manage your Email Inbox
  6. Create profile on social networking websites.
  7. Create templates for flyers, postcards, etc.
  8. Setup Meetings
  9. Enter Data into MLS Database
  10. Send Follow Up Emails
  11. Blog Post Creation
  12. Newsletter Creation
  13. Data Entry


Creates Property Lists and keep them Updated: Real Estate Virtual Assistant saves you from the hassle of creating lists of properties. Undeniably, in the business of real estate, you need to keep your records up to date about the newer properties that are adding up in for sale. After hiring a real estate virtual assistant, you can simply delegate your work and he will be managing all these tasks for you. It’s his responsibility to generate lists and keep adding newer properties. They also help you by deleting the names of old properties that are of no use to you from the list. Think about it, when you had no-one to take care of all such tasks for you then how difficult it use to be for you to spend hours in creating lists and keeping them updated. Hiring a VA can save you from many such tasks.

Managing your meetings: You are a busy man and have to attend several meetings in a day with clients and associates etc. In such a case, don’t you think you need someone who can manage these meetings for you? Real Estate Virtual assistant talks to your clients and schedule meetings for you depending upon your availability. This helps you in escaping from attending those million phone calls and self scheduling meetings for you. Real estate virtual assistant also help in maintaining a calendar for you so that no overbooking is done.

Responding to enquiry emails: Your business is quite widespread and you receive thousands of enquiry mails every day, who do you think will sit back and answer to all those enquiry mails? Obviously it cannot be you as this task will require hours to complete. Real Estate Virtual Assistant is the right person who can respond to all the enquiries. In such a way, real estate virtual assistant helps you in saving immense amount of time that you can use for many other potential tasks.

Managing Files: Real estate business is quite tricky. You have to maintain many records of the properties from buyers and sellers. That is why there are innumerable papers and files to manage. Owner of the business cannot keep the track of all records by himself so real estate virtual assistant keeps all the records in a predefined system. By hiring them, you don’t have to manually keep all the records of properties. Real estate virtual assistant also helps in doing paper work for you. As there are countless formalities that are required on the behalf of clients, real estate virtual assistant also helps in doing paper work for you.

Therefore, as you see, you can enjoy numerous perks by hiring real estate virtual assistant for your business. As I already specified, these are trained officials and expert in doing their work. You can find adept real estate virtual assistants at Lax Virtual Assistants as the company aims in providing best VA for your business.


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