Qualities of a Good Audio Transcriber

Qualities of a Good Audio Transcriber

The transcription service industry has grown to great heights and is experiencing a lot of competition and it is because of this that you should make sure you are very careful on the transcription company you choose. You should make sure you choose a transcription service company that offers. In case you prefer contacting an individual audio transcriber rather than a transcription company, you should make sure you choose a transcriber who possesses the required transcribing skills. Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the transcriber for your transcription needs are included below and you should make sure you factor all of them for you to achieve a quality transcription.

Identifying the qualities a Professional Audio Transcriber


Punctuality:- In every type of business that is dependent on the type of service they offer punctuality is a very important factor that cannot be ignored. Before you give your transcribe audio file services to an independent transcriber, you should make sure that he is able to submit the file within the timeline as stipulated by the client. The transcriber should be in a position to submit the article within the time. The first solution to ensuring that you are able to get a quality transcription done for you is making sure that the transcription is submitted before the submission date is due that is on or before the deadline day.

Native speaker of the language used in the transcription:- There are those audio files whose content is spoken by a native speaker. If the file to be transcribed is from a native speaker then the transcriber should be a native speaker too if he is to be successful in coming with a comprehensive transcription. If the transcriber is not a native speaker, then he will surely experience some difficulties in coming up with a text document that is a true reflection of the words spoken in the audio file.

Money back guarantee:- Although the transcriber is offering his transcribing audio services at an individual platform, he should make sure he offers his clients a money back guarantee. The money back guarantee is a good feature which transcribers can use to guarantee their clients of quality transcription services. The money back guarantee should entail a full refund of the money spent on the transcription project in question should the client not be pleased with the content submitted to him. With this feature the clients are feel assured of quality work and if at all the client does not submit quality work they will get a full refund of the money they spent on it.

Editing and proofreading services:- When you are seeking a transcribe from audio to text service, you should make sure that the transcriber you award that project offers his/her clients with free editing and proofreading services. These services should be made available to the client if he asks for the services when they are not satisfied with the work that has already submitted to them. There will always be situations when the transcriber missed some certain points and aspects of the audio file and the client might notice this after the draft is submitted to them. If the client requests for editing and revision on some certain areas of the text, the transcriber should be able to offer them without any additional expenses.

Experience:- Experience is very important in such a field. You cannot offer a newbie to this industry transcription work and expect that transcriber to submit quality work. The newbie will experience a lot of difficulties in generating the actual content in the audio file and the client will find himself asking for multiple revisions until the content is perfect. So the transcriber should have at least a minimum of 3 years of experience in offering transcription services. Experience is important in ensuing that the client is assured of the best transcription services. Although there are auto transcribe audio systems, it is important to perform the transcription services manually so that the person undertaking the transcription service is able to capture all the words mentioned in the audio file.

How to obtain the Quality Transcription Services

With the above guides on what the qualities of a good transcriber, you should be able to choose a professional transcriber who will be able to perform your transcription needs within the shortest period of time. The next time you have an audio file and you need it transcribed by an individual freelance transcriber and not a transcription company, you should make sure that that the audio transcriber you choose possess all the above qualities. To make sure that they possess all these qualities, you might want to see the feedback that has been left by the previous clients that have been offered the services provided by the transcriber in question.

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