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A Brief on Virtual Assistant

A Brief on Virtual Assistant

The idea of working from home has always been very fascinating for all the individuals. But not much people are aware of different platforms that allow them to work from home and yet make much cash. One of such businesses is Virtual Assistant Business. VA as a business is seeking immense attention of the youth in today’s era. Indeed, there are some individuals that are unaware of the profession. There will be people that don’t even recognize the term, so this article is to educate you about the definition of Virtual Assistant and the services that he provides to his customers.

First question that arises in every mind is that ‘What is a Virtual Assistant’? Well, I would say that VA is an experienced and self-regulating entrepreneur that offers business related services to various other business firms with the help of technology. Best part of being a VA is that you don’t have to attend office and work under a boss. It is sheer freelancing where you only have to govern yourself, do your daily tasks and send the report to the firms for whom you are working. As every individual likes to work according to himself these days, VA as a profession is in high demand.

Now second question that strikes to mind is about the ‘TASKS of VIRTUAL ASSISTANT’. I am describing the services that are offered by a Virtual Assistant below:

What is a Virtual Assistant

Featured Virtual Assistant Tasks:-

  1. Website Designing and Maintenance
  2. Management of database
  3. Data Entry
  4. Keeping Records of Company
  5. Marketing
  6. Desktop Publishing
  7. Managing Emails of the Company
  8. Planning Events

Although there is no bar of services that a VA provides, yet these are a few that are mandatory. You can keep adding more services to your portfolio as you will learn new things that can help you in your career.

Last and most imperative question is ‘How much money can I earn practicing VA as a profession’? I can understand the significance of this question; after all it is all about money and earning livelihood. Well normally a VA can charge $5 as a minimum rate and $100 as a maximum price for an hour. This totally depends on your experience in the field and how well and good you are in your work. After a good-some experience of 3 years, you can have a tremendous hike in your hourly rate and any good company will gleefully hire you for the job.

So this was all about Virtual Assistant and some frequently asked questions about the blooming and rapidly adopted profession.

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