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Terms and Conditions

By accepting Lax Virtual Assistants terms and conditions from the time of purchase, you understand and agree to the following.

Our Terms and Conditions serve as agreement between Lax Virtual Assistants and the Client that takes into effect after monetary transaction is made. For the betterment of both parties (the virtual assistant and the client) agree to the following.

Services – Lax Virtual Assistants performs practices that customarily performed by any virtual assistant service provider in the industry. The company can delegate any of its services to its staff members when it sees it befitting.

Terms of Payment – Clients are required pay upfront for the service the company offers. Plan offered by Lax Virtual Assistants will renew automatically every month unless specified by clients. Clients are required to use all hours in their packages within the entire period of the plan purchased as not used ours will not roll over for the following month.

Travel – Lax Virtual Assistants team members work on virtual & office basis only. But, clients can request for in person work in some circumstances. Should you require you virtual assistant to report you your office, all hours include the time for travel from the home of the assistant to your work location, cost of travel, and hours spend on the project will be charged to your bill.

Expenses – Lax Virtual Assistants bill its clients for all services acquired including travel expenses.

Confidentiality – Clients hereby acknowledge the confidentiality of Lax Virtual Assistants by the time they agree with the Terms and Conditions.

  • Neither the client nor the contractor shall disseminate confidential information relating to services, products, or affairs of the other party.
  • Each party (the contractor and client) are required to treat any confidential information obtained from the other party with equal degree of security and care.
  • Neither the contractor nor the client will use confidential information for whatever purpose unless stated on the agreement.
  • Neither the contractor the client shall store, copy, or reproduce confidential information without the other’s party’s consent.

Representations and Warranties       – Both the contractor and the customer hereby represent and warrants that each party is free to enter the agreement and understand that the agreement does not violate the terms and conditions between them and the third party involved.

Passwords – Should you choose to give to your assistant access to your personal and business accounts; you do it by your own risk. The company is no way responsible for the breach of security and loss of data. You will be responsible for the violations that may occur in case you do this.

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