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We have collected the most frequently asked questions by clients to serve as your reference. You can contact us directly if you have further questions about the service we offer.

What Virtual Assistants Can Do?
Lax Virtual Assistants are equipped with one or more of these skill sets – customer support, general admin, internet and social media marketing, bookkeeping, multilingual support, accounting, web and graphic design, blog creation, and data processing. Once you provided us the information we require from you, we will assign one or more virtual assistants to work on your project.

How Do You Assign Me with Virtual Assistant?
First, we contact you through email or phone to know more about your requirements, nature or business, and preferences. After understanding all these, we will send you profiles or virtual assistants to review and choose from to work for you.

How Do You Recruit Your Team Members?
Lax Virtual Assistants has simple premise. The companies only recruit individuals who are passionate about helping other people to succeed. We ensure that our team members share the belief or going for extra mile to allow our clients to grow their business.

Where Are Your Virtual Assistants From?
Our virtual assistants are from the same country as yours. They work on the same timeline as yours, so you’re assured that you can sync your working time with them.

Is Using Multiple Assistants Possible?
Yes! For many years, we have assembled a team of virtual assistants with a variety of skill sets that clients needs to grow their business and increase their revenue at a short period of time.

Do Your Train Virtual Assistant?
Lax Virtual Assistants does not actually train its virtual assistants for you. But, you’re assured that the assistants assigned to you have the skills and professional background you require. Out entire team and staff members have a better understanding on the latest technologies and popular software packages available in the industry these days.

How Do I Pay for Your Services?
After you agreed to our terms and conditions, we will send you a link of our sign up page where you can pick the plan you want to sign up for. After picking the plan you want, you will proceed to the check out page and enter your credit card information. The plan you choose will renew automatically every month.

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